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Walleye Management Stupidity

I don't know about you, but I think it is time for the Alberta Government (The old Cougar and her kids) to get on the ball with regards to the Walleye management system that has been in place since 1995. Considering the life span of a Walleye from egg to old timer is about 20 years, there is a definite need to re-evaluate the catch limits in many of our lakes.

Some of us old folks loved to go out and catch a few jumbo perch for dinner, but those days are very few and far between because the Walleye population thrives on devouring young perch! Maybe it is time to utilize 2017 technology to determine the actual population of Walleye in Alberta lakes instead of relying on a few students with nets doing estimates in between texting their friends about the best bar in town?

This year they finally got it together enough to open a few lakes to tag draw fishing but on what premise, public outcry? I can only imagine their thinking when the offer tags for Walleye in which you can catch and keep fish as small as you wish up to over 50cm, all in the same lake. Hmmm, one might think that it is just another money grab instead REAL interest in the fish populations!

There is not now nor has ever been a catch size limit on perch and those few lakes in which there is a healthy population are taking an ass kicking in the winter. Apparently the government considers the perch population as a food source for the Walleye and nothing more, very sad!

Until Alberta Environment stops using the report and recommendations from 1995 as a guideline to continue the current management system and gets some up-to-date scientific data, the Walleye population will over run the lakes.

If you are a hunter as well as a fisherman, you may remember that it wasn't all that long ago that the daily bag limit on Snow Geese was 5 per day and a 10 bird possession? It finally dawned on the powers that be, that the Snow and Ross's geese were devouring even the tundra in the nesting grounds and now the daily bag limit is 50 with no limit on possession, take as many as you can kill.

My opinion........start protecting the Yellow Perch by initiating a size limit, lowering the daily possession to 5 and start opening up more lakes to Walleye harvest before it is too late!


Mad Trapper




Once again I need your input in this section to make it worth reading, there is no point in me being the only one to make my complaints known. This page will give you all a chance to voice your concerns regarding fishing or hunting regulations, your local Fish Cop (Wildlife Officer), other fishermen and hunters (god forbid) or any topic that you feel needs to be brought to the attention of the rest of us.

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