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We have purchased some custom designed lures from a manufacturer in China that look similar to lures that can be purchase from the "Big Boy" shops but we changed some of the markings on them to emanate the markings on the bait fish here in Alberta.

We added our custom tied feather Walleye jigs to the store as well as stainless steel trailer hooks!!

Hey, do these lures look good or what? (scroll down )

The “Schools Out” crank baits are custom coloured to match the colours of the Spotted Minnow (Notropis Hudsonius) found throughout North America from Alberta to the Great Lakes to the Southern US. If you look at the position of the black spot on the smaller fish it is not on the shoulder but on the tail where it should be. On all other schooling fish lures available, you will find that the Chinese manufacturers place the black spot on the shoulder similar to an ocean bait fish.

These lures are only available on our website!!

Mad Trapper will also be taking orders for custom coloured spoons and spinners because everyone has a favourite colour scheme or one that they believe will catch everything except the family dog!

The “Boogeyman Spinners” are also only available on our website and we are the only retailer (as far as we know) that custom makes these spinners, or any spinners for that matter!

We have put together a few spinners to give you an idea of what colours and combinations we can make so that you can come up with the combination you want to try. As our prices are considerably less than “The Other Guys” spinners, and the fact that we custom make them for you, how can you go wrong? We want your input after you have tried your designed spinner and if they become a hit with other fisherman we will tack your user name to them as the “designer”.

The Trapper is an on-line operation at the moment and my overhead is minimal to say the least. If you wish to pay for “Name Brand” or a simple thing like a crank bait in a fancy box, please go to the “Big Boy” outlet of your choice. I have purchased from the same Chinese suppliers that the other fellows buy from, but I will have plain packaging, no frills, and a hell of a lot lower price.

Purchasing Sequence


  1. Let us know your desired size, colour scheme, body preference, hook type and blade colours and we will make one up for you to confirm.
  2. Once confirmed we will send you the pricing and shipping cost.
  3. We will only accept Interac money transfers at this time in order to keep our pricing down. We are sorry if this will be an inconvenience, but credit cards and other forms of payment charge a bunch for their services which I would have to pass along on the price of the lures.
  4. We will NOT accept the money transfer until the lures are ready to ship, unless it is a large order.
  5. The lures will be sent via regular mail unless you stipulate otherwise.

All orders must be made through our email: madtrapper.ca@gmail.com


Basically I will only sell equipment and accessories that have consumer input and recommendations as I do not wish to have monthly sales for the crap I bought and can’t sell to you guys and gals.

You tell me what you want me to sell in any of the categories, hunting, fishing or camping and I will look seriously into bringing those items in for the store.


Let’s face it, the “Big Boys” are not going to be happy with the Trapper, but screw em’, we have been paying through the nose for fancy names and packaging for too long!

Give me some input people, it will make my job a hell of a lot easier.


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