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Welcome back to the  Mad Trapper Sporting Goods website.

Hey everybody, I am so sorry that I have been neglectful of the site in the past 6 months. I have been travelling and working and really have had little time go fishing of even hunting for that matter. The Old Trapper was successful with his filling his Elk and Moose tags and I will be posting the pic and the story of one extremely lucky shot!!

I am intending to put a pricing deal on all the lures I have to offer in time for the spring fishing season so keeping watching.

I need some photos and stories of your hunts from last fall and fishing this past, very long winter. Please send me some pics and write-ups so that I can get them published as soon as I get them.

We now have over 300 subscribers and I have yet to see an on slot of input into the site? Good God, are me and my friends the only ones that fish in Alberta?

This province has some magnificent lakes, ponds and reservoirs all over and we want to hear (as do others) that there are fish being taken, campsites that are awesome and all round good stories of the summers adventures.

I know you are out there and I will NOT email our subscribers and ask for their input, I am hoping that they will at some point come forward and get this site up and running at a pace that I have to spend most of my day monitoring it.

I need some new photos, lake reports etc. to keep the site fresh and frankly I am getting sick of looking at relatives and friend photos only! (don't tell them that I said that...lol)

Please submit some of your experiences so that the interest in the site is generated and we have some fun telling each other stories, and of course blatant lies about how big the fish are that you are catching!

We posted a video on how to fillet and debone a Walleye! check it out at https://youtu.be/WJznr_zRHM0

I intend to make this website the place to go for current fishing, hunting and camping information in beautiful Northern Alberta. Like you, I enjoy all outdoor activities and just being out there in nature’s backyard, maybe sippin' on a few “pops”, is the ultimate stress reliever.

I want this website to not only be informative but fun for all those that use it. I need your input with photos, funny stories, fishing and hunting tips, ice and lake conditions etc.

The forums will give you a chance to help other fishermen and hunters that may not be quite as skilled or experienced as you. Passing on your expertise is NEVER a bad thing.

I will eventually have a complete line of fishing lures, hunting supplies and equipment at prices that will not make the “Big Boys” happy, same stuff, 30% to 50% cheaper and delivered to your mail box.  I would appreciate your input as far as your favourite lure shapes, sizes, colours etc. so that I don’t get stuck with hundreds of lures that people don’t want. Keep me informed and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

We have now posted photos of the lures we brought in from China as well as examples of the Mad Trappers own “Boogeyman Spinners”. As far as we can determine, Trapper is the only retailer in Canada that will custom build spinners for its customers! This opens up a whole new concept for the everyday fisherman that has his own ideas about what colours and shapes will work in any lake they happen to fish. Have a look in the “Store” and see what I mean.

I cannot accomplish this task without your input, so please get involved and help me make this the “Go To” website for Alberta outdoorsmen.

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