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I guess there is just a few fishermen out there that wish to comment on their experiences so I have decided to add some incentive to the pot!

Once you have signed in and added either photos, comments or experiences you will be rewarded!!

For your first 5 inputs ( legitimate inputs) I will send you any choice of the lures that we sell in the store and I will even cover the shipping costs!

Each section of the website has its own forum and at the moment the user name index is wide open, so you can be anyone you want to be! (within reason of course)

Please be helpful with your input and try not to be too negative. However, I realise that we all have our complaints and bitchy days and sometimes we just have a need to vent…..so go for it!

Its time to start getting some lake and catch information! Is there nobody out there fishing this spring? We have even posted a fish cleaning video to give you yet another idea of how to participate on the website.  https://youtu.be/WJznr_zRHM0 

Give us some of your summer fishing stories or post a question that I am sure will be addressed by one of our many avid anglers.

Let’s face it, All fishermen are liars except you and me, and frankly I have my doubts about you! We all understand that the information you provide may have to be taken with a grain of salt, but try your best to be helpful if not completely honest.

I will write the first few entries to give you an idea of what I am looking for on the forum. I really need your photos as I can only put up so many photos of friends and relatives…..lol

Good Fishing! (click on photos to enlarge)


My Fishing Experience


We went back into Orloff on Monday the 21st of August and the Walleye were still biting good on the old trappers jigs, thus the picture of the Shore Lunch!!


North Wabasca Lake ((August 8th to 13th)

Hey, did we have a great week of fishing at Wabasca!! It was a bit of a family get together as much as a fishing trip and as usual our guide, PH Four Feathers was at his best with the cooking, morning coffee and of course an endless supply of beverages.

Between the bunch of us we managed to come up with many walleye that that were in the 3-4lb range and a jack or two, one even weighing in at 12lbs. There were a lot of 5-10lbs jacks returned to raise hell with the perch population, but we never ran out of fresh fish for dinner.

If you like to catch nice walleye and big pike this is the lake for you! It also helps when you use the Trappers hand tied walleye jigs, they were deadly all week.

I threw a few slides on this page to let you know that I am not pulling your leg or anything else for that matter.....good fishing!

Two Walleye over 50cm. and two Pike over 63cm is the daily in this lake.

Orloff Lake  (Updated July 17, 2017)

Well, didn't we just go back into Orloff for a great day trip! It is hard to get enough of this isolated lake and the great fishing that can be had there.

Our guide, Mr. P.H. Fourtails was gracious as usual his shore lunch was awesome, always a new memory.

The fishing is still great for large walleye even at the end of July, it is an amazing year if you love to fish and eat Walleye. The Trappers green headed jig with black and green feathers was the flavour of the day this week and we managed to take a big fella that tipped the scales at just under 7 lbs at 65cm.


This little lake is well worth the time to go in and either set up camp for a couple days or just as a day trip, beautiful place!

Calling Lake (Updated July 24th,2017)

I guess we are some of the lucky that only have to travel 45 minutes to get into Calling Lake, but even if you go for the weekend and stay at the great Provincial Campsite the Walleye are still taking the bait.

Although I would love to brag that my significant other and I only use our own Trapper made lures and limit out every time we fish Calling, I have to say that you could probably catch these great Walleye on a safety pin with a piece of wiener on it!!

Yup, the Walleye are still biting as good as they have been for the last 6 weeks. It is a phenomenal year for Walleye throughout the province without explanation.

So much for all those clowns that whine about the natives netting the hell out the lakes, it would appear they are just poor fishermen!!!


Limit 1 Walleye between 45cm and 55cm.

Long Lake Provincial Park (South of Boyle) mid-June 2017

Went on a day trip to Long Lake to try and find some elusive perch. Unfortunately that part of the trip was a bust as we were not lucky enough to locate them this time out. We did however run into some nice Walleye and a few skinny little Slough Sharks.

The lake is deep but trolling the opposite side of the lake from the boat launch seems to be the area of the best luck for Walleye. I would give you an insight into the perch if I knew where the little rascals hang out, let me know if you find them…..lol……Ya right!!

Rock Island Lake  (Canada Day)

Disappointment is about the only word to use for this lake lately. Fished it in the winter and only hooked a couple of Pike, fished it on the long weekend and same outcome, no Walleye!!

There is a lot of minnows in that lake and the Pelicans are heavy weight contenders now with the food supply. Unfortunately the Walleye are also feeding on the tender morsels and what we, the poor fishermen use just are not working.

We used every trick in the book with the exception of a spear gun and failed to even hook one of the glassy eyed devils.

Nice lake, nice campground but you have to be lucky or use dynamite to bring home a Limit Walleye out of there.


Good Luck




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